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Destination: Petrova Gora,  the summit Mali Petrovac (507 m)

Starting and ending point: Hunter's house Muljava (245 m)

Ascents and descents: 500 m; Elevations range:  245 - 512 m 

Duration: 4:30 h of walking (moving time)  / 10.3 km

Difficulty: Fit: 🥾⚪⚪⚪;  Technically: easy

Tagline: An easy hiking trip at small mountain with big history, a lonely peak (it means - very nice view from the top) and 37 m high monument.

All trails from the East begin at Hrastovica, the village 5 km far from Petrinja (on the road to Jabukovac, the branch of the road Petrinja - Kostajnica).

  • There a few trails from Hrastovica:
    • beside "water supply" - about 1 h of walking
    • via  the ruins of the church St Spirit   - 1 h of walking
      • the options via the ruins of the Old Town Hrastovica - about 1h 15 min of walking
    • via "Bunkers" and Paljevine - about 1 h 30 min of walking
    • "Joso's" trail - 45 min of walking
    • "Mile's" trail - 1 h of walking
  • All these trails start in the centre of the village. There are small square, parking, shop  and spring Bartolovac


It was famous castle during medieval owned by Zagreb's Kaptol. It is mentioned in the document of Andrija II. (1206th year).

It is destroyed in 1584th year.

GPS tracks: Eastern approach tracks view

  • They will be shown in GoogleMaps by clicking on the map icon


 MAP - Hrastovačka gora - Trails from East

Eastern approach on topographic map 1:25 000k



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Destination: "Petrinjska šetnica" - circular marked trail across the hills above Petrinja

Beginning and the End: The bridge over the Petrinjčica (Matija Gubec street)

Duration: about 1.5 - 2 hours of walking (about 6 km)

Difficulty: Easy signed trail

Altitude difference: 100 m


  • Northern route is: Petrinja - Vila - Cepeliš village (1:15 h) - the Summit of Hrastovačka Gora (1 h), totally 2:15 h.

Google Earth prikaz tragovaMaps:

 Hrastovačka Gora - prikaz sjevernog pristuparailFromNord
Northern approach trails at topographic map

Hrastovačka gora (Hrastovica Hill), 415 m - General information


  •  This is a local mountain for the citizens of towns Petrinja and Sisak. It was relatively unknown to hikers but now it is part of The Croatian Hiking Trail (Hrvatska planinarska obilaznica) The mountain hut is ready for opening and there are many signed trails.
  • Hrastovačka Gora (also called HrastovIčka gora, too) is a low forested mountain (max altitude is 415 m), placed a few kilometers SW from Petrinja (about 60 km S from Zagreb).
  • It is named after the village of Hrastovica, placed at its foot. The origin of its name is a little controversial because there are two names in Croatian: Hrastovačka Gora and Hrastovička Gora. The first one is used by local people and the other is more frequently used in older references.
  • Additional information about The Hrastovica Hill can be found in excerpt from the hiking guide "Upoznajmo Hrastovičku goru" written by Đuro Priljeva and Marko Kovačević. The guide is used for the basis of trails description through The Hrastovica Hill. It contains a brief overview of the history of Petrinja.