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Destinations: Velika kosa (1622 m), Balinovac (1602 m), Veliki Zavižan (1676 m) 
Start and finish: The Mountain Lodge Zavižan (1594 m) (or its parking)
Distance: 4.7 km / 3:30 h;  Uphill: 500 m; Downhill: 500 m
Difficulty: Fit: 🥾⚪⚪⚪;  Technical: easy except Balinovac: difficult
Elevations range:  1470 - 1676 m
Trail type: signed round trip hiking

Tagline: A perfect small trip (about 3 hours of walking) from the Zavižan Mountain Lodge. The route includes three summits over 1600 m of altitude with beautiful views towards the sea and the Velebit Botanic Garden in Modrić Dolac.

The Route:

From To Walking time
parking Mt. Hut Zavižan 0:15
Mt. Hut Zavižan Velika Kosa 0:20
Velika Kosa Balinovac 1:00
Balinovac Modrič Dolac 0:25
Modrič Dolac Veliki Zavižan 0:45
Veliki Zavižan parking 0:45
  TOTAL: 03:30
  • Option: circle walking through Velebit Botanic Garden: +30 min
  • Alternatives:
    • Returning to the hut (or parking) from each peak or from Modrić Dolac



  • The term "Zavižan" refers to the mountain lodge (placed just under the summit Vučjak - 1644 m) and to the summit. Veliki (Big) Zavižan (1616 m) that is placed about 1.5 h of walking from the lodge. Usually, 'Zavižan' refers to the mountain lodge.
  • Zavižan is the mountain lodge placed at the highest altitude in Croatia - 1594 m. It is open throughout the year (because of the meteorological station). It is heated and partially supplied (with hot and cold beverages). It is convenient for winter ascents even though the weather conditions are changeable. Zavižan is usually the coldest, the windiest and the  snowiest place in Croatia). It is placed close to the seaside and in good weather conditions this is a very beautiful and pleasant place with great views towards the sea and the islands.
  • All of these summits are close to the lodge and it is possible to make route shorter if it is needed.
  • Current weather conditions at Zavižan are shown here. (HR)
  • The route is placed inside The North Velebit National Park

Route description:

  • The route leads from the parking to the lodge and then to Velika Kosa.
  • After Velika Kosa, there are some rocks and at the grass pass there is branch to Modrič Dolac (Velebit Botanical Garden).
  • We continue straight, on seaside side toward the rocks of Balinovac peak. Before the peak there is a couloir the requires the usage of the hands.
  • From Balinovac peak, we are going down carefully (it is slippery due of small stones on the rock) and arrive to Modrič Dolac. It is possible to turn on the left  and to walk around Modric Dolac but we turn right and continue about 250 m by Modrić Dolac ring trail Then, we turn right, steeply upward toward Veliki Zavižan.
  • From Veliki Zavižan, we go to the road and then to the parking (or Lodge).

Appropriate season(s) for ascent: In the summer (from May to Oct). Deep snow in the rocks of Balinovac or strong bora can make this trip unpleasant or even dangerous. 

Expenses: National park Sjeverni Velebit tickets - more information can be found here

Approach to the starting point:

  • The main approach to the Mountain Lodge Zavižan is from the village Oltari (from the road Sveti Juraj - Otočac). There is an 18 km long, partially asphalted (9 km) road or hiking trail which requires 3-4 h of walking. The road is passable usually from May to Oct (because of the snow). Zavižan is accessible on foot in other seasons from the village Oltari, but the winter ascent is recommended for experienced mountaineers only.
  • See Approach to Mountain Lodge Zavižan on the page YAMG - N. Velebit - Approach and Accommodation Facilities. There are other approaches described in references.


Veliki Zavižan - Balinovac prikaz rute


Recommended equipment (summer):

  • An appropriate rucksack, mountaineering boots, water, food and other equipment needed for 3 hours long walking on karstic terrain

Hajdučki kukovi and Rožanski kukovi from Veliki Zavižan

Other interesting places:

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  • The trail leads through North Velebit National Park. The ticket is obligatory (there is a discount for mountaineers) and visiting rules must  be strictly followed.
  • The route is placed in karstic area without drinking water along the route. Mountain lodges Zavižan is supplied with beverages and it is open every day throughout the year. There is collected rain water at the lodge Zavižan. This water is undrinkable without processing.
  • The world famous phenomena of Mt Velebit is strong NE wind called Bura (Bora - eng). It is wind of goodwill but it is cold and very strong.
  • Panta rhei (πάντα ῥεῖ), Heraclitus - "Everything is in a state of flux"  - This page is permanently under construction!!!