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    from Hajdučki Kukovi
  • Krupa Canyon

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All trails from the East begin at Hrastovica, the village 5 km far from Petrinja (on the road to Jabukovac, the branch of the road Petrinja - Kostajnica).

  • There a few trails from Hrastovica:
    • beside "water supply" - about 1 h of walking
    • via  the ruins of the church St Spirit   - 1 h of walking
      • the options via the ruins of the Old Town Hrastovica - about 1h 15 min of walking
    • via "Bunkers" and Paljevine - about 1 h 30 min of walking
    • "Joso's" trail - 45 min of walking
    • "Mile's" trail - 1 h of walking
  • All these trails start in the centre of the village. There are small square, parking, shop  and spring Bartolovac


It was famous castle during medieval owned by Zagreb's Kaptol. It is mentioned in the document of Andrija II. (1206th year).

It is destroyed in 1584th year.

GPS tracks: Eastern approach tracks view

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 MAP - Hrastovačka gora - Trails from East

Eastern approach on topographic map 1:25 000k