• Veliki kozjak and Lubenovac

    from Hajdučki Kukovi
  • Krupa Canyon

    below Ravni Golubić
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Recent trips

Mittagskogel/Kepa (2145 m), Karawanks, 2019-08-15

Destination: Kepa / Mittagskogel (2145 m)

Starting point:  Iličev rovt / Illittch Rauth

Ending point:  Outchena

Duration: 8 h

Altitude difference: 1600 m (see altitude profile

Difficulty: Moderate difficult

Tagline: The dominating peak above Faaker See that were watching a lot from bellow. From the peak, there is  an nice view to Julian Alps but this time was distracted by clouds.

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Heßhütte, Hochzinödl, National Park Gesäuse, 2019-07-23

Route: Gasthof Köblwirt - Pl. Dom Heßhütte (1699 m) Hochzinödl (2191 m) - Panoram weg - Pl. Dom Heßhütte - Gasthof Köblwirt

Starting and ending points: Johnsbach, Gasthof Köblwirt (860 m)

Altitude difference: 1350 m (see altitude profile)

Ascent time:  4,5 h eff (one direction)

Difficulty: technically easy, fit moderate

Tagline: After exactly 8 years, next try to conquer Hochzinödl, but with total different weather conditions: previous time it was snowy (snow border at 1500 m a/s) but this time, sunny and hot.

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Velebit-2019, Krupa and Krnjeza, Tulove Grede, 2019-07-05

Destination: Krupa, Krnjeza, Tulove Grede

Starting points:  Golubić, Majstorska Cesta (Master's Road - Sveti Rok - Obrovac)

Difficulty: From easy signed trail to technically medium difficult details (ferrata in Krupa canyon, some climbing skills required in Tulove Grede and Krnjeza Canyon)

Tagline: 18th "Velebit" in a row. These time we did it all, we were at the both rivers sources, all group passed ferrata and the most are climbed Tulove Grede peak. The especially interesting was Krnjeza canyon, the river with a lot of contrasts: its canyon is deep as half of its length, the shortest in HR (700 m), deep source (the 106 m deep lake, deep canyon (300 m) and goat's trail with real goat at the most difficult part of the trail.

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