• Veliki kozjak and Lubenovac

    from Hajdučki Kukovi
  • Krupa Canyon

    below Ravni Golubić
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Destinations:  Svartåmynningen naturreservat, Berg Locks, Vreta Kloster

Starting and ending point:  Linköping

Trip duration: 3 h      Length: 30 km

Trail type: Bicycliistic trail

Difficulty: Easy

Tagline: Nice, easy, bicyclistic trip from Linköping taht includes Svartåmynningen naturreservat, Berg Locks at Göta canal and historyc church (from 12th century) Vreta Kloster

Destination: Tinnerö eklandskap

Starting and ending point:  Smedstat Dammar (parking)

Length: 17,5 km   Time needed: 5 h

Altitude difference: 25 m 

Trail type: Easy walking

Tagline: Very nice walking through oak woodland, meadows and around the Lake Rosenkällasjön. A lot of wildness just a few km from the center of Linköping. My route was 17,5 km long, but it can be shortened or prolonged or combined with a bike. The trails through forests and the trail the closest to the lake are accessible by foot, only. The rest is accessible by bike (or by horse riding). 

Destination: Bärenfangwände, Krinitzgrab, Richtergrotte

Starting and ending point: Neumannmühle (near Bad Schandau)

Time needed: 5 h

Difficulty: easy, some parts of the trail are steep

Altitude difference: 300m (see the altitude profile)

Description: A nice, easy walking through Saxony Switzerland National Park (Saxony, Germany).

Destinations: Bärenschützklamm, Teichalm i Hochlantsch (1720 m)

Starting and ending point:  Mixnitz (about 45 min of driving fromv Graz)

Time needed: 9 h

Altitude difference: 1300 m (see altitude profile)

Difficulty: Easy

Tagline: 16th sequential "Velebit", this time - "Stiermarkisch".  We have visited very interesting, good arranged canyon (115 bridges, 9 scales, 2900 stairs..), a mountain lake, peak above 17090 m, and we have watched quarter finals of Match Russia-Croatia on brought equipment  (by Vjeko). A lot of nice happening and landscapes. 

Destination: Bastei (305 m)

Route: Kurort Rathen - Bastei - Stadt Wehlen

Starting point: Kurort Rathen

Ending point: Stadt Wehlen

Time needed: 2 h

Difficulty: easy (altitude profile is here)

Description: A short nice walking with visiting the famous Bastei bridge and some interesting cliffs in Saxony Switzerland (Saxony, Germany)