• Veliki kozjak and Lubenovac

    from Hajdučki Kukovi
  • Krupa Canyon

    below Ravni Golubić
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Destinations: Tulove Grede, Ferata Čikola, Ferata Fortica, Ferata Perunika

Difficulty: Tehnčki umjereno zahtjevno (ferate..), kondicijski lagano (ali nabere se ipak dosta za hodati)

Type of trails: Secured, signed trails

Tagline: Four fantastic trips, a bit pushed into one. Anyway, the overall impression is "too good". The night has come too fast, when we are in the canyon of Čikola and we did not see the last, most interesting part, so... we will return (probably when the canyon will be full of water. The problem with the tire on the way back has no impact on the our mood and impressions.


  • Telaščica, Strmci
  • Oštravica, Orljak, Strašna Pećina
  • Dragove, Mala Gospa Church, Lungo Mare

Tagline: A few hiking - walking trails around beautiful Dugi Otok

Destinations: Dinara (1830 m), Kijevski Bat (1206 m)

Ascent duration: Dinara 4 h, Kijevski Bat : 2 h

Altitude difference: Dinara about 1300 m (altitude ptofile), Kijevski Bat 650 m (altitude profile)


  • Dinara: Demaning (due to the distance and altitude difference) signed trail,
  • Kijevski Bat: Medium

Opis: The trip at the day of opening Mountain Shelter Drago Grubać at Ošjak area (Mt Dinara). Nextt day, a little easier hiking to the Kijevski Bat (Mt Kozjak).


  • Hom (Hum) - hiking
  • Sozanj - hiking
  • Lastovo (city) and Lučica - by foot and by bike
  • Zaklopatica and Korita Bays - by foot
  • Skrivena Luka (Hiden Port) - by bike
  • Rača Cave - by bike and by foot

Tagline: A few impressions from visited of totally 200 km of hiking and wandering trails at Lastovo 


  • Marjan (178 m)
  • Hum (587 m), Island Vis
  • Biševo
  • Promenade above Komiža


  • Easy signed ways (except the Promenade above Komiža - unsigned)

Tagline:  Traditional June trip PD Ericsson Nikola Tesla hiking club to the Vis island. There were four small trips in four days, at pleasant housekeeper Krešo.