• Veliki kozjak and Lubenovac

    from Hajdučki Kukovi
  • Krupa Canyon

    below Ravni Golubić
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  • Partnachklamm
  • Zugspitze

Tagline:  The ascent to the highest peak of Germany, Zugspitze (2962 m) via attractive and difficult route with warming-up trip to the Partnachklamm canyon, close to Garmish-Partenkirchen. 

Destination: Drachenwand (1176 m  / 3793 ft)

Starting point: St. Lorenz, parking lot close to the Restaurant Drachenwand at 486 m. 

Ending point:  like starting point

Duration: can vary a lot due to conditions and population (3 -5 h)

Altitude difference:  entrance of the ferrata  (Theklaquelle) at a hight of 670 m, 560 climbing meters (see altitude profile )

Difficulty:  Climbing Level C, some D included

Tagline: Climbing adventure with changing wheather conditions and some adrenalin as well as great views above the Moon Lake. 

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Route: Gasthof Köblwirt - Pl. Dom Heßhütte (1699 m) Hochzinödl (2191 m) - Panoram weg - Pl. Dom Heßhütte - Gasthof Köblwirt

Starting and ending points: Johnsbach, Gasthof Köblwirt (860 m)

Altitude difference: 1350 m (see altitude profile)

Ascent time:  4,5 h eff (one direction)

Difficulty: technically easy, fit moderate

Tagline: After exactly 8 years, next try to conquer Hochzinödl, but with total different weather conditions: previous time it was snowy (snow border at 1500 m a/s) but this time, sunny and hot.

Destination: Kepa / Mittagskogel (2145 m)

Starting point:  Iličev rovt / Illittch Rauth

Ending point:  Outchena

Duration: 8 h

Altitude difference: 1600 m (see altitude profile

Difficulty: Moderate difficult

Tagline: The dominating peak above Faaker See that were watching a lot from bellow. From the peak, there is  an nice view to Julian Alps but this time was distracted by clouds.


  • Mala Mojstrovka (2332 m)
  • Prestreljenik (2499 m)
  • Visoki Kanin (2587 m)

Difficulty: From easy (Prestreljenik) to very difficult (Hanzova pot, Ferrata Julia)

Tagline: A few family trips in private arrangement to Julian Alps at Bovec surrroundings. Nice weather and nice landscapes and one fantastic day spent for canyoning and rafting on Soča.