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  • Northern route is: Petrinja - Vila - Cepeliš village (1:15 h) - the Summit of Hrastovačka Gora (1 h), totally 2:15 h.

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Northern approach trails at topographic map

Approach to Cepeliš village

The village Cepeliš is accessible by partially asphalted road  from Petrinja (via 6th August street) or via Križ village from the road Petrinja-Glina (branch in Gora). There is no public transport available.

Petrinja - Vila - Cepeliš (village) - Hrastovačka Gora Summit - 2 h 15 min

  • This route starts in Petrinja and it goes along Petrinjčica river till the "Hospital Bridge", then on the right, via asphalted road, toward Vila

  • After 700 m, there is a branch on the right, It goes toward the St Rock cemetery but after a short while, the trail goes left through the forest via a monument dedicated to fallen Croatian soldiers to Villa hill. There is a nice view of Hrastovačka Gora from there.

  • From the monument, the trail follows the road, then on the crossing it turns left. It arrives to the road from Petrinja. It is needed to to turn on the right, but just after 20 meters on the left and to go along the edge of the forest.

  • After 10 mins there is a road from "the new hospital to Cepeliš". Turn right to the village.

  • In Cepeliš village, on the left, along the road and after 5 min, to the right, downhill.

  • Passing along dr. Posavec ranch, we are reaching the edge of the forest and there we go to the left.

  • Passing the Kloštar meadow (a long time ago there was a Franciscan Monastery) and after 10 min we are on a path crossing. Go straight and after 300 m there is a ruin of St Spirit Church (and further ahead, Hrastovica village).

  • Turning to the right, passing near the old Hrastovica ruin, after 10-15 min we are arriving to the road leading to the hut.

  • After turning on the left and going 50 m there is a trail, on the left side, that leads through the forest to the Mountain hut, about 10-15 min


  • This description is based on the text "Upoznajmo Hrastovičku goru" written by Đuro Priljeva and Marko Kovačević