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    from Hajdučki Kukovi
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  • Partnachklamm
  • Zugspitze

Tagline:  The ascent to the highest peak of Germany, Zugspitze (2962 m) via attractive and difficult route with warming-up trip to the Partnachklamm canyon, close to Garmish-Partenkirchen. 

Partnachklamm, 2021-07-17

Tagline: More touristic than hiking route through gorgeous gorge that has entrance near to famous ski jumping place.

Length (circle route): 1.5 h (moving time) / 6.5 km  Uphill: 160 m;  Downhill: 160 m; Elevations range: 783 m - 929  m

Route: Wildenau -> Partnachklamm -> Vordergrseck -> Wildenau

Difficulty: Fit: 🥾⚪⚪⚪;  Tehnical: easy  

Photo-album from the trip to Partnacklamm by Dražen


Zugspitze, 2021-07-18 - 2021-07-19

Tagline: Interesting and demanding route to the summit of Germany that passes through interesting canyon (Höllentalklamm), over the biggest German glacier (Höllentalferner) and a few hundreds meters of ferrata. Unfortunately, the canyon was closed because of torrents, and it was just partially visible fome trail  and bridge over it. The cable car i sused for going down.

Length: 9:00 h (moving time) / 12.5 km;  Elevation gain: 2300 m;  Elevation loose: 200 m; Elevations range: 800 - 2962 m

The route: Hammersbach -> Stangensteig ->  Höllentalangerhutte  -  3:00 h

 Höllentalangerhutte -> Zugspitze - 6:00 h

Difficulty level: Fit: 🥾🥾🥾🥾;  Tehnical: very difficult (glacier, ferrata A-C, exit from glacier to ferrata grade D)

Photoalbum from the stage Hammersbach - Höllentalangerhutte - by Dražen

Photoalbum from the stage Höllentalangerhutte - Zugspitze - by Dražen

Map and references:

  • AV-Map BY 8 Wetterstein Mountains, Zugspitze, 1:25 000, DAV