• Veliki kozjak and Lubenovac

    from Hajdučki Kukovi
  • Krupa Canyon

    below Ravni Golubić
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  • The YAMG pages contain some, but  hopefully useful information for people who want to visit mountaineering destinations in Croatia and surrounding areas. The information is not given in a structured manner but like a catalogue of ideas for trips with additional data.
  • The pages are created from the data collected during the preparations of the trips with additional information from the field, photos and recorded GPS data.
  • The most information given is about Hrastovačka gora (the hill near Petrinja). There is less information about other destinations which are better covered by other mountaineering guides.
  • I got the idea for this guide when I came across a line of cars (mostly from Italy and France) with very confused drivers. They were driving on the bad gravel road that was shown in their maps as an asphalted one (even today, Jun 2008, the same situation occurs in Google Maps!). These people were in the heart of a highly protected reserve "Bijele i Samarske stijene" (White and Saddle Rocks) but they were not aware of the beauties and adventures available within only about an hour walk off the road..
  • The list of mountaineering guides, maps and links used in trips preparation is here.
  • Thanks in advance to all readers for comments, corrections and other objections.
Petrinja, 31st May  2008

My choice of the most beautiful hiking trips in Croatia

It is hard to select these destinations, and to put in order is even harder... but here is my try:
  • The Premužić trail  (North Velebit - North Velebit National Park )
  • The Vihor trail (Gorski Kotar)
  • Crnopac - Little Prince Trail (South-Eastern Velebit)
  • Mrkopalj hiking trail (Gorski Kotar)
  • Mala and Velika Paklenica Canyons (Southern Velebit - National Park Paklenica)
  • The Dabar Cliffs (Central Velebit)
  • The Krupa Canyon
  • Hajdučki kukovi and Lubenovac (North Velebit - Northern Velebit National Park)
  • 500 Horvat's stairs (Medvednica)
  • Snježnik and Risnjak (Gorski Kotar - National Park Risnjak)
  • Northern Velebit - Seaside Terrace Trail (North Velebit - North Velebit National Park)
  • Mudna Dol Gorge - Grobnik Alps (Gorski Kotar)

I am living in the Pannonian part of Croatia and because of this, the Dinaric part is more exotic to me. There are many places in Croatia I have never been too and because of this , the list will be changed in the future

There are pages in my hiking guide for the most of these destinations or at least photos and notes from my trips.

Hrastovačka Gora (415 m)

{gallery height= 150 alignment=right}galleries/hiking/banovina/hrastovacka_gora-summit/DSC02690.JPG{/gallery}

This is Petrinja local hill. It is not well known as a destination for hikers, but there is a mountain hut and there are many signed hiking trails.


The photos are linked to their photo-albums and the text is linked to the guide

Other destinations - Croatia

Gorski Kotar - Hiking Guide

The guide to Croatian most famous and the longest mountain - Mt Velebit is here

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Banovina, Kordun and Pokuplje - guide

My mountaineering lessons:


Panta rhei (πάντα ῥεῖ), Heraclitus - "Everything is in a state of flux"  - This page is permanently under construction!!!