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The North Velebit, Approach and Accomodation - guide
  • Veliki kozjak and Lubenovac

    from Hajdučki Kukovi
  • Krupa Canyon

    below Ravni Golubić
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  •  There are two main approaches to this part of North Velebit:
    • From the continental side: from Otočac, the town accessible by highway A1, Zagreb -Split, exit Otočac. There is an asphalted road Otočac - Švica - Krasno - Oltari- Sveti Juraj.
    • From the coastal side: from the Adriatic tourist road. The town Senj is the biggest place close to our starting point. There are asphalted branches to Mt Velebit from villages Sveti Juraj and Jablanac.
  • The Veliki Alan pass is accessible by car both from the continental and coastal side. From the coastal side, there is a narrow, asphalted road from Jablanac which is placed close to the Adriatic tourist road. It is accessible by public transport (buses Karlobag - Senj, ferry from the island Rab). From the continental side, there is a wider but non-asphalted road from the crossroads in Mrkvište at the road Krasno - Štirovača where there is a mountain lodge.
  • Veliki Alan is accessible form Jablanac on foot, but this trail is long (4-5 hours of walking), difficult and hot (in summer).
  • The Mountain Lodge Zavižan is accessible by car in summer (usually from May to Oct) or on foot from Oltari (18 km, 9 km asphalted or 3,5 h of walking) or Krasno (about 22 km, or 4 h of walking ).
  • Zavižan is one of the coldest and windiest places in Croatia. In winter it is accessible on foot from Oltari (or Krasno). The lodge is always open due to the meteorological station with a crew.
  • There are other approaches described in references.



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There are other accommodation facilities (Hrvatske šume - Croatian Forests...) see the page of National Park Northern Velebit

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