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In the catastrophic earthquake that hit Petrinja, Glina, Sisak and the surrounding area on December 29, 2020, the Matija Filjak Mountain Lodge was also damaged, and the geodetic pyramid at the top was destroyed.

Mt Lodge and Viewpoint

The Lodge's chimney is cracked, which fell and damaged the roof (broke the battens and tiles, lightning rod and gutter and shook the tiles on the other side). Inside the Lodge glasses, cups, plates and bottles fell from the shelves and most of it broke. A crack probably appeared on the water tank as the water level dropped sharply.

The geodetic pyramid is cracked in several places, its segments are rotated (!) And the top segment leaned on the construction of the viewpoint construction. It is dangerous to approach the viewpoint, although its structure does not look significantly damaged. A crane is needed to remove the pyramid segments.

A fault appeared on the road about 1 km from the asphalt and road access to the Home from the village of Cepeliš is not possible with a small car until the road is repaired.

Photo-album "Eartquake dameges at Lodge" by Dražen is here.

Provisional Lodge Fixing

With the action of mountaineers and volunteers led by Stjepan Dubac, we provisionally repaired the roof in order to prevent the roof structure and the attic from getting wet and further damage. In this renovation, the roof is completely covered with tiles. However, the tiles we had were not the same size, so these tiles will need to be replaced and rearranged. The chimney hole is permanently closed so that the chimney is not in function. Part of the tiles were removed from the grill and the canopy around the grill. They need to be renovated too.

The interior of the lodge was cleaned and the ruined remains of the barbecue construction were removed.

At first glance, to put the Home into operation it is needed:

  • to remove the remnants of the pyramid - dangerous!
  • to build a chimney
  • make sheet metal around the chimney and gutter
  • fix lightning rod
  • bring a new tiles and rearrange them on the roof
  • to check and to repair the tank if necessary
  • ...

Photo-album "Mt Lodge Provisional Fixing" by Dražen is here.

Participants: Anto M., Dominko D., Dražen K., Elvis K., Ferdo M., Gabi G. Ivana B., Jurica K., Krešimir G., Livio D., Miro B., Mišel P ., Nikola T., Stjepan D., Vlado K., Vlado T., Željko Š. from the hiking clubs Pinklec, Runolist, Zrin and Željezničar, and some are "only" volunteers, craftsmen and / or masters, ie people of knowledge, action and a big heart.

The big thanks in behalf of Pertrinja's hikers to all people who are participating in this Lodge fixing!