• Veliki kozjak and Lubenovac

    from Hajdučki Kukovi
  • Krupa Canyon

    below Ravni Golubić
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  • Here are notes from hiking trips. These trips were organized individually or they can be official trips of HPD Zrin, too.
  • The notes include some interesting information, e.g. the list of members of the group, GPS tracks and data about real timing...
  • There are more information in references and in the guide placed here.

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Trips sorted by regions

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  • Mt Velebit
  • Gorski Kotar
  • Alps
  • Europe
  • Prmorje, Kvarner and Istria
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  • Banovina, Kordun and Pokuplje
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  • Zagorje, Moslavina and Slavonija

Traditional summer trips - "Velebits"

  • Notes from the biggest (by the number of the group members) and trips with the biggest tradition (1994-1995 and 2002-2013) which I organise (with a little help from my friends) you can find here.


  • Many pages linked here are written in Croatian only but you are invited to see photo-albums ("Foto-album" in Croatian)

  • Panta rhei (πάντα ῥεῖ), Heraclitus - "Everything is in a state of flux" - This page is permanently under construction!!!

Recent trips

Zugspitze and Partnachklamm, 2021-07-17


  • Partnachklamm
  • Zugspitze

Tagline:  The ascent to the highest peak of Germany, Zugspitze (2962 m) via attractive and difficult route with warming-up trip to the Partnachklamm canyon, close to Garmish-Partenkirchen. 

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7 waterfalls of Mirna, 2021-04-03

Destination: 7 waterfalls - hiking trail, Istria

Starting and ending point: Buzet (parking at Water supply / Brewery)

Length: about 5 h (13,5 km)

Elevation gain: around 350 m (elevation profile is here)

Difficulty: Easy signed way (with some steep parts)

Tagline: Nice trip through amazing landscapes of rivers Mirna and Pivka.

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Hrastovička Gora, Damages by Earthquake and Mt Lodge Provisional Fixing

In the catastrophic earthquake that hit Petrinja, Glina, Sisak and the surrounding area on December 29, 2020, the Matija Filjak Mountain Lodge was also damaged, and the geodetic pyramid at the top was destroyed.

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