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Destination: Tinnerö eklandskap

Starting and ending point:  Smedstat Dammar (parking)

Length: 17,5 km   Time needed: 5 h

Altitude difference: 25 m 

Trail type: Easy walking

Tagline: Very nice walking through oak woodland, meadows and around the Lake Rosenkällasjön. A lot of wildness just a few km from the center of Linköping. My route was 17,5 km long, but it can be shortened or prolonged or combined with a bike. The trails through forests and the trail the closest to the lake are accessible by foot, only. The rest is accessible by bike (or by horse riding). 

Route: Smedstat Dammar (parking) -> Humpen -> Löfhagen -> Rosenkällasjön -> Rödberget -> Fröberget -> Smedstat Dammar 

Approach (from Linköping): Bus no 17, exit Grocery Store Garnizonen, or by foot.

Notes from the trip:

Photo-album: Photo-album by Dražen

Maps and GPS data:Tinnerö - map

Gps tracks of the route in gpx format is here

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