• Veliki kozjak and Lubenovac

    from Hajdučki Kukovi
  • Krupa Canyon

    below Ravni Golubić
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In the process of creating maps I am using data recorded by GPS receiver, old Croatian topographic maps (1:25000, Gauss-Krueger coordinate system, Transverse Mercator projection), outlines from trips and maps owned by my hiking society (HPD Zrin).

The published GPS data are given in the best manner without any guaranties and responsibility taken. The users are responsible for verifying these data. They are free to use for non commercial purposes.

Some GPS tracks are recorded during bicycle ride.

Used applications:

Map Datum:

  • CROATIA (GPS: Garmin Foretrex 201)
  • Ellipsoid name:    Bessel 1841
  • Semi-major axis: 6377397,155
  • Flattening:           299,1528128
  • Geodetic datum->WGS
    • dX: 675  dY: -205  dZ: 475  -TrackMaker, OziExplorer

Coordinate system:

  • Gauss-Krueger, Transverse mercator
  • False easting:
    • 5500000 (Zone 5, < 16,5°)
    • 6500000 (Zone 6, > 16,5°)
  • False northing: 0
  • Scale factor: 0,9999


Tomislav Hengl: Coordinate systems in Croatia (HR)
Importing Maps into OziExplorer (HR)


  • Please, any objections send me by E-mail (at Contact me page). All ambiguous and missing data can be important for others.

Legend of symbols used in my maps



  • Guides (Croatian)
    • [CAPLAR] Caplar, Alan, Planinarski vodič po Hrvatskoj, 1st ed, Meridijani - Hrvatski planinarski savez, Samobor 2008, ISBN 978-953-239-099-5 (ISBN 978-953-6914-28-5)
    • [POLJAK] Poljak, dr. Željko: Hrvatske Planine (Croatian Mountains), 4th edition, Golden Marketing - Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb, 2007, ISBN 978-953-212-314-2
    • [POLJAK-50] Poljak, dr. Željko: 50 Najljepših planinarskih izleta u Hrvatskoj (50 most Beautiful Mountaineering Trips in Croatia), Školska knjiga, Zagreb, 2000, ISBN 953-0-61520-5
    • [CAP-DIN] Čaplar, Alan: Dinarska Hrvatska (Dinaric Croatia), V.B.Z. d.o.o., Zagreb, 2001
    • [CAP-PAN] Čaplar, Alan: Panonska Hrvatska (Panon Croatia), V.B.Z. d.o.o., Zagreb, 2001
  • Guides (English)
    • [POLJAK-COAST] Poljak, dr. Željko, THE MOUNTAINS ALONG THE CROATIAN COAST - ON FOOT AND BY CAR, Školska knjiga, Zagreb,  2002, ISBN 953-0-61547-7
    • [ABR-WAL] Abraham, Rudolf: The Walking in Croatia, Ciceron Guide, 2. Edition, 2010, ISBN: 9781852846145
  • Mountaineering, generally:
    • Čaplar, Alan: Osnove Planinarstva, priručnik za planinare (ali i druge željne znanja), 3rd ed, Hrvatski planinarski savez, Zagreb, 1998
    • Smerke, Zlatko: Planinarstvo i alpinizam, 2nd ed, Hrvatski Planinarski Savez, Zagreb, 1989

Web links


  • Mt Velebit
    • Nacionalni park Sjeverni Velebit (the North Velebit National Park), Map No 16a, M 1:30.000, SMAND d.o.o., Varaždin, 2005.
    • Sjeverni Velebit (the North Velebit), Karta No 16, M 1:30 000, SMAND d.o.o., Varaždin 1995.
    • Srednji Velebit (the Central Velebit), Map No 17, M 1:30 000, SMAND, Varaždin 1996.
    • Dabarski Kukovi, Srednji Velebit (the Central Velebit), Map No 17a, SMAND d.o.o., Varaždin, 2003.
    • Južni Velebit, Map No 18, M 1:25 000, SMAND, Varaždin 2002.
  • Gorski Kotar
    • Bijele and Samarske stijene, Map No 11a, SMAND d.o.o., Varaždin, 2002.
    • Bjelolasica, Map No 11b, M 1:25.000, SMAND d.o.o., Varaždin, 1995.
  • Hrastovačka gora
  • Petrinja, Topographic Map 1:25 000, Državna geodetska uprava, Zagreb, 2006.


Panta rhei (πάντα ῥεῖ), Heraclitus - "Everything is in a state of flux" - This page is permanently under construction!!!

 Here are mountaineering related items which are including:

  • guides, maps and GPS data
  • pictures and travel notes from trips

Drazen's Yet Another Mountaineering guide (YAMG)

  • The YAMG pages contain some useful information for people who want to visit mountaineering destinations in Croatia and surrounding areas. The information is not given in a structured manner but like a catalogue of ideas for trips with additional data.
  • I got the idea for this guide when I came across a line of cars (mostly from Italy and France) with very confused drivers. They were driving on the bad gravel road that was shown in their maps as an asphalted one (even today, Jun 2008, the same situation occurs in Google Maps!). These people were in the heart of a highly protected reserve "Bijele i Samarske stijene" (White and Saddle Rocks) but they were not aware of the beauties and adventures available within only about an hour walk off the road..
  • Dražen's mountaineering guide is here

Hiking Photography

  • Photo-albums with mountain motives are here

Hiking Trips

Trip Announcements

  • The information about planned trips in the next period can be found in the article Hiking trips

Traditional summer trips - "Velebits"

Every year in summer, we organize trips to the mountains along the Croatian cost. Most often it's Mt. Velebit (see Velebit, Natural Park). These trips always include a welcome party, a whole day hiking trip and sea bathing. The groups usually consist of about 20 people of various nationalities. The accommodation is organised in mountain huts.


Other Trips

In order to feel the atmosphere from the trips and to collect additional information (if you are planning to go there) see page Hiking trips

  • The YAMG pages contain some, but  hopefully useful information for people who want to visit mountaineering destinations in Croatia and surrounding areas. The information is not given in a structured manner but like a catalogue of ideas for trips with additional data.
  • The pages are created from the data collected during the preparations of the trips with additional information from the field, photos and recorded GPS data.